Alessandro & Anya’s Wedding in Scopello

NJD:  Today was a day that was unforgettable or as we say in Italian “indimenticabile”.   I saw so many family members I haven’t seen since 1977.  There were four generations at this wedding.  The location was baglio di Scopello and it was as untraditional and traditional as weddings go.  The small gathering was presided by a JUstice and the accoutrements were simply in Sicililan style. We tossed rose petals and a bowl of dry ( uncooked) pastina.  The Spumante and wines were indigenous to this region. INzolia grapes, Chardonnay and pasta with Tuna and Tuna with pistachio crust well done.  The sicilians don’t eat tuna raw or medium. It’s actually white when it’s served.   The dessert started with Cantoloupe sprinkled with cinnamon and surrounded by a circle of strawberries.  The wedding cake was made with a lemon custard and strawberries. Amazing food and cultural immersion.  We will post pictures soon.   It was simply amazing to bring us all together.  One of my our cousins, Silvia painted porcelain plates for each guest with a different scene featuring Anya and Alessandro.  Our gift from them was a painting of Ale & Anya. On the beach with a video camera, hat and some wine.  We were so moved by the beauty and personalization of this gift. It was so emotional for many of us. Yet we all took a moment to remember those no longer with us. Very very powerful.


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